Thursday, January 27, 2011


To all unschoolers, and particularly my two, welcome to Unearth and Fathom, your resource for learning something new today! Here I will strew things for you, that is, leave things in your path, so that you may find them and they may spark your curiosity and enrich your day.

How this blog will work is that each day or every few days, I’ll submit a post that contains content, links, questions, inspiration, even assignments for you to enjoy. Expect to find content here that relates to things we have been discussing, exploring, seeing and doing, lately. We may go for a long stretch focusing on one topic, or mix it up each day–I’m not yet sure how that will look. What I hope you will do, unschooler, is read each post, follow the links, read the content there, come back here, be inspired, write an answer, question or simply comment at the end of the post, expand on the things you learned, and most of all, come talk with me or someone cool like me.

For your consideration and perusal, there are many links on each of the pages at the top of the blog. By no means is this a comprehensive list and if you find something you want to add, let me know. But please take the time to look at them-you never know what you might find! You just might unearth something and then fathom its meaning. See what I did there?

Here’s to learning together!


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