Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cold Enough For Ya?

As you know, or must know if you live where we do (Maine), that it has been, well, in the Maine vernacular, a bit nippy, deah! And looking ahead to next week's forecast, we are settling in for a nice, cold stretch, too. With that in mind, it looks like Monday might be a great day to make frozen bubbles.

Thinking of cold and snow, it's interesting to note that a 19 year old homeschooler from Vermont took the first, amazing photographs of snow crystals--in 1885! Check the collection out! Here's more about the physics of snowflakes.

For Olivia: in honor of you beginning guitar lessons, meet Andres Segovia. Here he is playing Bach. You can learn more about classical music here.

For Adam: in honor of you beginning drum lessons, meet Lionel Hampton. Watch him play, here. Loads more drumming inspiration here.

Reflecting on certain beloved tv shows and movies, I wonder how many pass the Bechdel Test?

  • Can you name a couple of examples of some that do pass the test? Which ones?

  • Do you think it's important for tv and films to pass this test, or do you think it's not important at all?

  • What do you think the reasons are that so much tv and film doesn't pass the test?

  • What does it mean to you if a tv show or film doesn't pass the Bechdel Test?

One more thing to make your brain bigger: see how something called metamaterials might help make objects invisible, in effect, by fooling light by taking any arrangement of objects and assembling them into some sort of structure. Harry Potter might not be the only one with an Invisibility Cloak someday.

  • Can you think of ways in which this technology could be used for greater good?

  • Can you think of ways in which this technology could be used for doing harm?

  • Do you think the creation and control of this technology could or would have political ramifications?

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