Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday's Combinations and Permutations

Good Monday!

Because the topic of social media and whether it has a positive influence on society, or not, comes up frequently for discussion, while at our family dinner table, no less, I thought we'd explore this author's ideas. The comments on this article are interesting reading, also, and many answer the criticism of social media and how it is not face-to-face interaction (or so it's assumed--Skype?), by noting that much of the communication that happened in older generations was done by letter, or phone or even telegram, and not face-to-face, either. Let's discuss this some more, how about over dinner?

Speaking of dinner, a little late to the table perhaps, but I keep seeing mention of the game Minecraft pop up (you know, when I'm using social media) and thought you might like to check it out? Apparently it's wildly popular, and among creative, unschooled types as well. Learn more about it here.

Moving along. Ever since we caught a bit of that travel show on monorails of Europe, I've been both fascinated and flummoxed by why we don't build and utilize more monorail systems here in North America. I found this fascinating site about monorails. I am struck by how environment, design, and people friendly monorails are and did I mention being baffled? What do you think? Would a monorail system in Maine be beneficial? In what way? Also, can you name possible reasons for why monorails haven't been built or promoted in the US? How might politics play a part, for instance?

Adam, I know you enjoy your set of magnetic balls and you've made some amazing things with it, so here's more inspiration. Wow! It reminds me of the awesomeness of the Rubix Cube, and in order to solve (or design) either, you must use combinations and permutations.

Okay, just for fun: since we just watched that X-Files episode, Hollywood A.D. ( aka, The Lazarus Bowl, season 7, 2000), where Gary Shandling plays Mulder in the's a scene from the Larry Sanders Show (season 5, 1996-97, HBO).

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