Friday, February 4, 2011

Of Rabbits, Art and Revolution

GUNG Hey Fat Choy! Happy New Year! This is the Year of the Rabbit, which means, Adam, that this is your year, as you were born in 1999. Tomorrow we'll get the chance to really celebrate this Chinese spring festival, and once again we'll wonder, just what is bubble tea? Also, check out this gorgeous work by a local artist.

What do you think of Colin Firth's The King's Speech after hearing the actual speech given by King George VI?

I know, Olivia, you especially were taken with Van Gogh's art (thanks to this inspiring Doctor Who episode--see, tv is valuable), and as it happens, the recently debuted Google Art Project, makes it possible to see paintings and art up close, including Van Gogh's work--the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam is a great place to start. After choosing a museum and artist, you can view a slide show of the paintings, and by using the little frame in the lower right corner, you can zoom in on the painting, too. It's incredible to see the textures, brush strokes and layers of paint, don't you think?

Finally, earlier this week, Sean Hannity of Fox News said, "“Can you name any country that became a democracy after a violent revolution? Honestly, can you even name one?” So, can you name one country that became a democracy following a violent revolution? Further--can you name a second, third, fourth or fifth*?

Does the Czech Revolution of 1989 mirror the current political climate in Egypt in any way? Do you see any dissimilarities?

* The United States, France, India, The Czech Republic, Poland, East Germany (and much of eastern Europe in 1989), all have had revolutions that involved loss of life, in the pursuit of democracy.

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